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Welcome to the World of Vertopia

At Vertopia, we work and play hard. We are committed to a way of life that involves integrity, happiness, friendliness and enjoying a bit of fun. Absolutely committed to excellence in all we do, focused and goal driven. We love what we do and satisfied clients is what motivates and drives us.

"Hi, my name is Kevin Holtshausen. I have a beautiful and loving wife Mandi and two precious daughters, Caitlyn
and Jaina.

Call me on 086 136-7771 or email me. Let us take care of your business needs. We offer professional services and solutions in Coding, Graphics, Hosting and now Training. We look forward to doing business with you."

Kevin Holtshausen

Founder/Managing Director
VERTOPIA - transforming ideas

Our Logo

The origin of our name Vertopia comes from two words: Verto = "Transformation"; Utopia = "A place of perfection". Our slogan "transforming ideas" explains exactly what we do and love doing!

We thought long and hard before creating this logo. There is a lot of meaning to it. What you will notice immediately, is the transformation of the first and last letters, the V and A. These letters form the logo, thus symbolise what we do, transform ideas.

The evolution of our logo